Tantric Massage London


Tantric massage is an essential part of Tantra and its aim increase erotic pleasure and sensuality. Tantric massage London can be described as a blend of sensual erotic massage and ancient tantric techniques such as Tantra breathing and meditation. Anyone can achieve Tantric bliss by means of Tantric massage. Tantric massage London begins with a relaxing erotic massage to stimulate and arouse every cell of your nude body and help each muscle to unwind. Your erotic massage therapist will ensure that her touch is relaxing and enjoyable, as well as sensual and erotic. Erotic massage can build and prolong your sexual pleasure, and enhance the intensity of orgasm.

Sensual massage therapist will combine elements of swedish massage with nude body-to-body massage as well as  Tantric techniques for more erotic and sensual sensations. Additionally, your Tantric massage London therapist can touch and stroke you with satin fabrics, feathers, silk scarves, and brushes for more sensual experience. Every tantric massage  session culminates with lingam massage for men or yoni massage for women. With time and practice both tantric lingam massage and yoni massage may lead to ‘whole body orgasms’.

We are always happy to tailor-made your Tantric massage experience, so please contact us if you have any special requirements or fantasies.

Ultimate Tantric Massage London

This super erotic tantric massage is created for those that are looking for the best sensual and erotic pleasure in all of London. This is an enjoyable massage that combines erotic and intimate full body touching along with up to three extra sensual tantric massage services, such as a reverse massage which is also referred to as a yoni massage, an extra lingam massage which is often called the happy ending massage, or a sacred spot massage which involves stimulating the prostate. If you fancy something different you may choose to add our pamper Erotic de-stress (soapy massage), tie and tease or foot fetish. All extra massage services can be mix and matched at you request. This is the ultimate tantric massage for a reason, so let us know about your fantasies and desires. This is the massage to satisfy your deepest erotic and fetish fantasies. You are guaranteed to experience ultimate erotic pleasure and pure tantric bliss.

Lingam Massage London – Full Body Happy Ending

If you are looking for the most erotic adult massage in London then you have come to the right place! When you combine our tantric massage with the lingam massage it results in what is often called the happy ending massage! Full body happy ending massage is well known for its ability to deliver not only ultimate relaxation, but also deep sexual pleasure, greatly intensified with Tantric massage techniques. Your sexy massage therapist will use her tantric skills to stimulate your genitals and surrounding areas in order to fully please and stimulate your entire body. Lingam massage London, accompanied by tantric breathing techniques and visualisations  is designed to teach you how prolong the pleasure while controlling ejaculation, and it results in a much more pleasurable orgasm. Upon request, your sensual massage therapist can incorporate sacred spot massage (prostate massage) into your lingam massage.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation we highly recommend our lingam massage service, as the ancient tantric techniques will teach you how to control your body and how it responds to certain stimulation. Even if you don’t have any physiological problems Tantric lingam massage can teach you how to master your body responses to a sensual erotic stimulation.

All our  London tantric massage services includes lingam massage at the end of the erotic massage session. If you would like to experience lingam massage twice then Additional Lingam Massage can be incorporated into your standard tantric massage session.

Sacred Spot (Prostate) massage

The Sacred spot refers to a man’s is prostate gland, also known as a male G-spot. It is based midway between the testicles and anus and can be massaged externally or internally. This choice depends on how erotic you may be, and our massage therapists can use this massage to enhance your orgasms and also teach you how to control premature ejaculation. Prostate massage historically had been used to improve male sexual abilities and also to prevent or treat different prostate illnesses such as prostatitis. In Japan, wives are often implement prostate massage into their sex life for their husbands physical and sexual health. Sacred spot (prostate) massage can help you boost the intensity of your orgasms and teach how to control ejaculation.

A sacred spot (prostate) massage can also be a great way to relieve stress, both physical and emotional. Your beautiful tantric massage therapist will use the lubrication of your choice and can also utilize a small vibrator if you desire that additional stimulation. When you combine a sacred spot massage along with a lingam massage it results in an extremely intense whole body orgasm. Of course, a lingam massage London is included at the conclusion of all sensual erotic massage services at not additional cost.

Tantric Massage London offers prostate (Sacred Spot) massage as extra service that can be combined with sensual or erotic massage London or Tie and Tease London. Feel free to browse our Articles on Tantric Massage London  and Tantric Massage Prices for more information.

Pamper Erotic De-stress (Soapy massage) London

If your life contains a daily amount of stress, Pamper Erotic De-stress option can be particularly beneficial for you. This amazing sensual massage London  is designed to de-stress you with the use of a soothing bath or shower.Your journey of ultimate relaxation and tranquility will start with a bathing ritual also known as soapy massage London. During a soapy massage your entire body will be massaged and pampered using lavish soaps and all natural oils in a mind soothing candle lit setting. As you relax in the bath your sensual massage therapist will massage every single muscle throughout your body to fully relax you. You can even request a nude body to body (b2b) massage, and your beautiful massage therapist will use her entire nude body to stimulate yours. This body to body massage London will continue as your pleasure level is increased through the most erotic tantric massage you have ever received.

As with all of our erotic massage London services, a lingam massage follows, and because of all the sensual caressing during the b2b massage it results in the most intense full body orgasm you have ever felt. You can combine a pamper erotic de-stress massage with any of our other erotic or fetish (Tie & Tease) services to cure all of your sensual desires and fantasies. Our Pamper Erotic de-stress is a tailor-made massage service so if you have any questions or requirements please feel free to contact us .

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Reverse (yoni) massage London

While some men like to relax and fully enjoy their tantric massage, some men like to take control and touch their sensual massage therapist.  If you can’t refrain from touching your sensual tantric massage therapist, Tantric Massage London have the reverse yoni massage London available as an additional service and allows you to make your visit with us even more special. Some men enjoy delivering pleasure to their massage therapist while some just want to learn how to perform a sensual tantric massage.

While we want you to fully enjoy your time and fulfill your fantasies just please remember that every massage therapist has her own boundaries so we ask that you refrain from groping, biting, pinching, or fingering her. Your erotic massage therapist will let you know what she is comfortable with. A reverse yoni massage London is a great addition to our classic tantric massage along with our popular lingam massage for the best happy ending in London.  Reverse massage (yoni massage) can be added to classic tantric massage or incorporated into Ultimate Tantric Massage London together with extra lingam massage London.


Yoni Massage  – sensual encounter for women

A Sensual Tantric massage for women traditionally includes yoni massage. Yoni is a Sanskrit word for the combined vulva and vagina or  ‘Sacred Space’ or ‘Sacred Temple’ as it is referred to. The purpose of the Yoni massage is to pleasure and massage the Yoni and orgasm is a pleasurable and enjoyable side effect. The orgasm as a result of Tantric Yoni massage is usually more mind-blowing and satisfying. We do recommend Yoni massage to all women, and particularly to those who suffer from loss of libido or  has problems achieving orgasms.  Erotic massage for women in London together with yoni massage also include very sensual nude body to body massage.

The yoni massage is very popular with women who desire a sensual incall massage that not only provides them with relaxation and de-stressing, but also a mind blowing orgasm. When the tantric massage and yoni are combined it builds up the pleasure to a point that the resulting orgasm is felt throughout the entire body.

Tantric Massage London give you option to include Yoni Massage into standard sensual massage session, if you feel comfortable with it. Please let us know if you’d like to incorporate Yoni massage in your standard tantric massage London experience.

If you desire the best erotic massage for women in London then you have come to the right place. Simply let us know if you would like to include a yoni massage to accompany your sensual massage London and we will make sure you receive the special treatment you desire


Couples Massage London – amazing erotic experience 

Our couples massage is a perfect way for two people to enjoy a tantric massage London together as well as spice up their sex life , and we offer two couples massage London options for your to select from:

Massages For Couples London Option 1: This couples massage is designed  to enhance the couples sex life with a help of erotic massage. All what you need to do is to relax and enjoy yourself. Both partners will receive massages simultaneously, designed to fully relax each person through intense rubs and strokes. During London tantric massage for couples, your sensual massage therapists will not only use their hands to stimulate and arouse you but their beautiful nude bodies for the ultimate body to body (b2b) massage. Our world famous lingam massage and reverse (yoni) massage is also included at the end for the complete happy ending. 

Couples Massage London Option 2: This is an option that teaches the couples how to perform tantric massage techniques that can then be used at home on each other. The minimum length of time for this option is 90 minutes. Your sensual massage therapist will demonstrate ancient tantric techniques on one of the partners and explain everything from tantric massage all the way to lingam massage and yoni massage for the ultimate happy ending. Tantra breathing techniques are also explained and these are very important for prolonging the orgasm and enhancing it to the point that it is felt throughout the entire body. This couples massage option makes a great surprise gift for your loved one.

Erotic massage for  Couples London session can be tailor-made depending on your requirements. Open up your own and your partner’s sexual boundaries.

Body to Body (b2b) Massage

A body to body massage is the ultimate form of erotic massage, as your massage therapist will use her entire amazing nude body to rub against yours to deliver the most sensual pleasure ever felt. Her amazing nude body will slide and glide all over every inch of your body to deliver erotic sensations, while still massaging your aching muscles. This combination delivers tingles throughout your body and begins to build up the pleasure and sensation.Body to body massage is an uncommon and extraordinary Tantra-specific technique which grew enormously popular due to its combined (erotic and therapeutic) benefits.

We include our famous body to body (b2b) massage at no additional cost for those who chose our erotic massage package. It is a famous tantric massage technique that we feel all of our clients should experience without an extra charge. Book your special sexy massage therapist today and allow her to rub her perfect body against yours while you build up an intense orgasm.


Four hands erotic massage

For the men that want double the pleasure we offer our Four Hands erotic massage London service where you will have two beautiful erotic massage therapists to tend to your every need and desire. Imagine four hands working every part of your body and ready to fulfill all of your sexual desires. Two beautiful nude tantric massage therapists  rubbing their perfect bodies against yours and of course a happy ending lingam massage will result in an extreme orgasm from two beautiful women. You will receive the same care and attention as with our classic tantric massage london just the pleasure will be much more enhanced.You can also add other special services to this package if you so desire. Prostate massages, reverse yoni massages, or an extra lingam massage are all available for you at any time. If you feel adventurous and would like to create the ultimate fantasy massage then our Four Hands erotic massage London is a perfect sensual encounter for you. Just contact us as we are always creating custom packages to make sure our clients are fully satisfied.

Tie & Tease and Foot Fetish London

For those that want to push their erotic limits and a sensual tantric massage is not enough then we offer special Tie and Tease London and Foot Fetish London services to satisfy your wildest fantasies.

The London Mistress will be in complete control and will take charge to make sure your erotic and sensual fantasies are all met with a glowing review. Your tie and tease session can include handcuffs, blindfolds, sex toys, and well as an erotic nude massage to complete the experience. Every inch of your body will tingle from the pleasure your mistress will inflict on you. This is your chance to role play any wild fetish that you have had the desire to try. There is no limit to what can be done, so use your most wild imagination.Tie and tease London culminates with slow and teasing lingam massage.

Like we mentioned, there is no limit, and you determine how hardcore you want the session to go – a number of techniques and equipment for mild Dominant Seduction is available for you to choose from. There are a wide variety of toys and equipment to take advantage of, and for those who have a foot fetish you can surely worship your mistress’s feet and take parting our foot fetish London service. A lingam massage with assisted foot relief is the perfect way to end the session.Our London Mistresses can also come to your private location or hotel through our outcall massage service.

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