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Tantric Bliss Massage is an upscale erotic tantric massage London service that offers visitors luxurious and erotic services in our Central London locations. We offer a wide variety of erotic massage London services including tantric massage, sensual massage London, couples massage, and even nude massage services.Our tantric massage, erotic massage, and sensual massage services are available at our Central London location or if you do not want an incall massage we can deliver these services to your private residence or hotel room.

Our tantric massage London service is for those with desire to explore their erotic sides as well as those looking for stress relief provided through our sensual massage service. Escape reality and allow a beautiful sensual massage therapist or erotic massage therapist to fully relax and relieve you of all stress and anxiety. Get away from the office or home and enjoy a sensual tantric massage today!

We also cater to those who are here visiting with our outcall massage service. Did you just end a stressful business trip and need to recharge before you head home? If so, then our visiting massage London special will satisfy all of your needs and desires. For those that are looking for the best adult massage in London then our lingam massage London service is exactly what you are looking for! This is by far the most erotic massage London available.

Those who have had a massage in London know how amazing it feels to have a beautiful woman dedicate 100% of her focus on making you feel amazing.  Aside from our erotic massage, we also offer a massage for couples London, yoni massage London, as well as body to body massage London. The last one is also referred to as a b2b massage and is extremely sensual and erotic at the same time.

Tantric massage combines the powers of the mind and body with the sensual skills of our beautiful massage therapists to deliver the most pleasurable experience found in all of London. You will be taught tantric breathing techniques along with instructions on how to fully relax in order to have the greatest tantric massage experience.

Once you experience your first tantric massage London you will return to relive the sensual and erotic encounter, as there is no other stress relief that can compare to what we offer. Lay back, relax and get ready to feel every inch of your body tingle from the intimate and erotic touch of your sensual massage therapist as she relieves every ounce of stress in your body and delivers nonstop pleasure throughout the entire tantric massage.

If you are ready to unleash your wild side you can take advantage of the tie and tease and foot fetish services that tantric massage London offers. How would you like an erotic massage therapist to reveal her naughty and erotic side to you? Contact us now to schedule your erotic service.

TANTRIC BLISS Massage London 

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Tantric massage – the best sensual experience in London

Tantra is a path to sexual and spiritual satisfaction, allowing you to forget emotional and physical problems while increasing and prolonging sexual pleasures. Learning the true are of tantra takes commitment and a long time. You can, however, experience tantric pleasure through a tantric massage London. This is not just an erotic massage with a happy ending, as it requires correct breathing technique and mind/body control to fully experience a tantric state.

Your tantric massage London begins with complete relaxation, while beginning to stimulate each and every receptor within your entire body. It all begins with a deep connection between yourself and the beautiful sensual tantric massage therapist, so if you have a special requirement please let us know, as we want you to fully enjoy each and every stroke and touch takes care of all of your needs and desires.

Tantric massages require oil for proper lubrication and aromatherapy oils can greatly improve the mood and state of relaxation. Massage oils can be scented or unscented, and this is entirely up you. Our tantric massage therapist’s only use natural oils that wash off immediately in the shower or bath, so do not worry about residue being left over.  During a lingam massage or yoni massage your beautiful London massage therapist will use 100% natural oil that is a great lubricant. She can also use brushes, feathers and satin fabrics to also enhance the sensuality so please tell her your preferences.

We aim to provide you with the most amazing sensual massage London, so make sure to let us know if you have any special requests. We make sure to meet all of your special needs and desires to provide you with the most satisfying massage in London.

Erotic Massage

If you are ready to de-stress yourself then you need our erotic massage London service, as our beautiful massage therapists will take charge of your entire body and deliver the most erotic massage you have ever experienced. Relax as she works every inch of your body, starting with your feet and slowly moving up to deliver erotic feelings and sensations throughout your body. Your arousal and sexual desire will continue to build up throughout the entire erotic massage.

You can also request a nude massage, allowing your gorgeous massage therapist to use her hands as well as her entire naked body to achieve pure tantric bliss. Sensual erotic massages have existed for many centuries, as illustrations and descriptions of erotic encounters can be found is ancient artwork and scripts. Erotic massages in London improve intimacy between lovers, increases sensual and sexual satisfaction, and enhances the intensity of orgasms.

London Couples massage – erotic adventure for lovers

Another service that Tantric Bliss Massage offers is a couples massage. This is a great and sensual way for two individuals to relax together as they both build up sensations and sexual intimacy. These are also a great way for couples to share intimate and erotic moments together, as a massage for couples really brings two people closer.

A tantric massage London can be enjoyed by two people together with two of our amazing massage therapists working the couple together to create a very intimate moment that will soon never be forgotten.

Nude Body to body -the absolute pleasure

Our incall nude massage is extremely popular as it is a very sensual massage London that includes both you and your beautiful tantric massage therapist being completely nude throughout the entire sensual experience. She will create erotic feelings throughout your entire body as she stimulates your mind and soul with her sexy curves as she rubs her perfect body against yours as your sexual arousal approaches the point of explosion.

This very sexual massage combines perfectly calculated moves and strokes that will leave you with an experience you will never forget, leaving you wanting to experience the best b2b nude massage London you have ever experienced. There is no other yoni massage London that will give you the same erotic play leading to an entire body orgasm.

Our body to body massage London is one of the most sensual and erotic massages available, as your beautiful massage therapist will be using her entire perfect nude body to apply pressure as she slides and slides all over your body to enhance the stimulation and create the ultimate intimate setting. A nude b2b massage (body to body) is a very slow and sensual tantric massage that slowly builds up the sensation and sexual chemistry.

Tantric massage London knows that our clients LOVE the body to body massage, and that is why we include it will all of our tantric massages at no additional cost! Schedule your b2b massage now and get ready to experience intense erotic throbbing and pleasure throughout every inch of you body.

Lingam Massage – Ultimate happy ending for your London tantric therapy

A lingam massage London is also known as a happy ending massage London, and it is a crucial part of tantric massage. When translated from Sanskrit, lingam means penis or male genital organ. Our lingam massage involves much more than just hand or breast relief, as the goal of this adult massage in London is to improve and prolong the erection while controlling the ejaculation. This greatly increases the intensity of the orgasm. Our beautiful massage therapists combine a mixture of slow and fast strokes to deliver stimulating sensations throughout your entire body.

An orgasm is not the only goal of the tantric lingam massage, as the focus is on prolonging the sensation to enjoy it as long as possible. The longer these sensations and erotic pleasures are built up, the more intense and unforgettable the whole body orgasm will be. All massages by tantric massage London include lingam massage at the conclusion of the session.

Adult Visiting Massage – mobile outcall London services

If you are visiting London we can arrange for an outcall massage, and one of our beautiful massage therapists will visit you at your hotel room or other desired location. Our visiting massage London services are extremely private and discreet, ensuring that the only individuals that will be aware of this erotic encounter will be your and your beautiful massage therapist.

Schedule your tantric visiting massage London now and your erotic massage therapist will arrive to completely relax you and de-stress your entire body. Of course just like all of our other massages, you will receive a lingam massage at no additional charge.

TANTRIC BLISS Massage London 

11am till 10pm every day
Phone: +44(0) 7413907879

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